About ManyLevels™ Healing in Los Angeles

ManyLevels is dedicated to the investigation and dissemination of information related to various healing modalities. Dr. Kenneth Best, D.C. founder of ManyLevels is a chiropractor, healer,and teacher of: Thetahealing, the Orion Technique, and Rewriting Your Life - transformational workshops.

The main focus of ManyLevels is alternative healing and self-discovery to heal the body, mind and spirit. This site is dedicated to seminars and workshops which are given from time to time by Dr. Best in the area of transformational healing. For more on being treated by Dr. Best please visit his chiropractic web site at www.drkenbest.com.

While many energy healing techniques have amazing results, Dr. Best finds Thetahealing vary versatile in its application. Thetahealing is a 'God' based technique, it ascribes to connect with the creative force of God that is in all of us and to take part in a co-creation, whether that is for healing the body, removing beliefs from the mind that are sabotaging your life, finding your connection with your higher-self or using this connection to manifest what you want to create in your life.

"What the Bleep Do We Know" movie was instrumental in bringing light on to the subject of quantum physics and how science is now beginning to understand the connection of God, prayer, meditation and so on in its integration into healing and changing your life. Then "The Secret" exploded on to peoples computers with fast Rewriting Your Lifedownloads of a movie that changed peoples' perceptions of how our thought create our life, and became even bigger with the exposure on The Oprah's Winfrey Show. The downside was that there was still a piece of the puzzle missing and so many people "tried" doing the principles in the Secret and felt that it didn't work for them. Here's the deal: You can't focus 5 minutes of your day on what you want to create and then spend the other 23 hours and 55 minutes "Going Down the Rabbit Hole" into your negative thinking which is discussed in Dr. Best's books "Rewriting Your Life" and "99 Things You Wish You Knew Before Facing Life's Challenges." There has to be a consistent effort in rewiring the way your brain works to ultimately change the underlying patterns of your thoughts. We are taught to worry, to be afraid, to feel less than, to be unworthy and to feel wrong for what we want in this life - we have to relearn the truth and embrace that we are powerful, that we Facing Life's Challengesmanifest and create what happens in our lives and we can take control over that. Dr. Best has worked to put together the best set of tools for doing just that. Dr. Best teaches people how to take back control over their lives in affordable seminars, his books and a recently launched online course to support people in the process of healing not only their bodies, but their lives.

Dr. Best has been on this journey of healing for more than 30 years, testing and discovering modalities for inner and outer change. Dr. Best recommends the Kybalion by the Three Initiates as a good starting point for understanding the Hermetic axioms which underlie most religions. Dr. Best is accomplished in astral projection and uses this process to connect on other planes of consciousness, when you experience an 'out of body' experience for the first time you "know" and "understand" that you truly do exist beyond the physical body and embrace your soul.





Physical healing.

Physical healing can also take place on many levels and many different modalities.

Dr. Best began his journey using Reiki and then moved into deep tissue neuromuscular reeducation. After becoming proficient in those areas, Dr. Best became a chiropractor. During his education he also studied Applied Kinesiology (AK) through the ICAK, as he had been helped directly from AK with his own back injuries, having broken his back at the age of 16.

Dr. Best found chiropractic and AK to be the fastest way to help heal physical disturbances in the body. Dr. Best is not your standard chiropractor only manipulating the spine for 5 minutes. Dr. Best utilizes his tools with soft tissue, muscle integration and balancing the muscular and nervous systems. The idea is that muscles move bones and integrating AK with physical adjustments allows the body to maintain its corrections.

Chiropractic adjustments don't have to hurt; in fact they shouldn't. There is no need to create more physical stress when releasing the chronic stress from the body. In some cases people are highly sensitive to touch, in these cases Dr. Best uses low force adjusting techniques like Activator, DNFT and respiratory corrections.

Visit Dr. Best's Chiropractic Website.


Nutritional and chemical healing of the body.

Ignoring the nutritional component in healing can prolong the time frame in which the body heals.

Dr. Best is highly skilled at finding what nutritional deficiencies may be creating or holding on to dysfunction in the body. The cells of the body need the proper balance of nutrients and alkalinity to heal properly.

Certain foods can be inflammatory to your system and may be the underlying culprit to a chronic injury. Dr. Best utilizes and non-inflammatory diet in weight loss protocols, but also where chronic inflammation is a problem in a patient's recovery.

Dr. Best also offer Allcat testing for an in depth look at inflammatory foods.


Energy healing thru quantum physics.

I found the best illustration of what explains the process in many forms of energy healing was the movie "What The Bleep Do We Know" , as it shows how the mere observation and What the Bleep Do We Knowintent of observer influences the behavior of the atomic structures and molecules. Light was observed to change its nature from a wave to a particle form just by being observed.

In Emoto's work "Messages from Water" we see how the physical structure is water at the molecular level is changed to form different crystal patterns based on intention and the vibration that is carried in Love Crystalwords. This has huge relevance in our lives since we are more than 70% water and up to 90% water in the brain; in other words, if we are speaking degrading statements to ourselves we are affecting our own structure. Meditation and prayer also had a PROFOUND effect on the structure of the water.

When it comes to energy healing modalities some common sense still needs to be applied, because we are more than just 'light' energy bodies. We are also composed of denser frequencies of earth minerals which means that we may need healing with more than just 'light' energy, we may need minerals, herbs, medicine, surgery, exercise and chiropractic.